How to Prepare Your Body for Becoming Pregnant

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Preparing the body for becoming pregnant is very important for the overall health of the baby, and it includes taking folic acid, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep and taking prenatal vitamins. Ready the body for a potential pregnancy with helpful information from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on pregnancy.

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Alright, so you're wondering about how to prepare your body to get ready for pregnancy. This is Mavis Schorn, nurse-midwife and professor at University of ah Vanderbilt School of Nursing. And I'm going to try to give you a few few suggestions. One and the most important I think is to go see a health care provider. You're at an advantage if you're planning your pregnancy rather than pregnant and then figuring out what all you need to do. So take advantage of it. Um see your provider so that you can talk about ah what is your weight going into pregnancy, anything to that you can anticipate there, any genetic issues on your side or the father of the baby's side that you need to be aware of or any testing that should be done because of conditions in your family, anything inherited. Um to do a few tests on you like testing for Rubella which is a type of measles or testing for Varicella which is the chicken pox. If you're not immune to those, better that you get vaccinated before you're pregnant. So those are two things that that would be nice to be tested for before pregnancy. And then ah get started on a pre-natal vitamin has Folic acid in it that that is a one thing out of a pre-natal vitamin that we know truly makes a difference in the development of babies. So it's very important to get started. You can even do that. You can pick something up even over the counter. But if you're seeing your provider already they may have a suggestion on what they want you to get started taking. Along with take doing that pre-natal or that pre-conception visit you want to also just consider a healthy body so that means getting into some type of healthy exercise routine that may be just going for a walk fifteen minutes a day. But the more you do that before pregnancy, it it's more likely to ensure you your ability to do that during pregnancy. Um and eating healthy before pregnancy gets your body ready, and it also gets you into a good habits before pregnancy also. So you know decreasing stress in your life is another thing. Get good night sleep at night is something else. It's all a matter of having a a well-rounded healthy lifestyle makes your body ready fully prepared to to ah go into a pregnancy.


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