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When drawing fashion models for clothing design, sketch out an elongated form in a flattering pose for the outfit, and give the model a bit of personality to highlight the feel of the design. Sketch fashion models to illustrate a series of outfits with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Alright folks, in this clip, I'm going to teach you how to draw fashion models. Basically, models to throw your different ideas for your designs on, essentially here. Mannequins. So we start out with just your basic sort of a model look. You can obviously make these girls look as fun and crazy as you want. I like to kind of give 'em a little bit of personality because it makes your design stand out that much more. So, kind of give 'em you're own little fun look to the eyes and the face, and that's just a good starting point there. That's just my head, basically, then I'm going to throw the body on. Now this is going to be, at least in my opinion, a hyper reality where her dimensions probably will not add up exactly to what we would expect in terms of, you know, an actual proportional human being, but that's because we're going to really be highlighting a lot of ideas on this fashion model. So, let's face it, most fashion models in real life don't even look that really believable anyway. So, what's we're going to be basically climbing into that world where everything's going to be kind of lean and lanky so you can really showcase and highlight your different ideas and we're going to start out by kind of drawing where their hands would be resting on their hips. We're going to come down and draw the legs. I'm going to have one kind of jutting out in front of the other, and this is a just a basic pose, one that is really easy to do, and a very safe. So that's your basic outline there, from head to toe. And then, essentially, what you'd do then is then you'd start to throw different designs on her like, I don't know. It's your chance to be creative. It is after it all your model. You can pose her as you please. Just keep in mind, you are drawing in the world of fashion so while there are rules, there are no rules at the same time. You can be as creative as you want to be. Outlandish as you want to be if you're not afraid of criticism. Feel free to experiment and think outside the box. Be bold, take risks, but this is essentially how you'd go about drawing a model, a fashion model if you will for your different clothes and different designs.


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