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Making anime art requires a great deal of research, as anime has an extremely specific and specialized style that originated in Japan. Study various anime artists, and begin to replicate their style, with a demonstration from a professional cartoonist and illustrator with this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, folks. In this clip, I'm going to teach you how to make anime art. Anime is definitely a distinct style all on its own. It originates from from Japan, obviously, and some of the greatest artists working today are anime artists, and they have pioneered their own visual style and feel. If you want to create art within these parameters and in this world, really familiarize yourself with the style, first and foremost. Get familiar with the world that most the...most of these anime epic stories and characters inhabits a world that definitely mirrors our own, but is surreal and sort of overly exaggerated and fantastic in ways that our world is not. Obviously, most cartoons are like this, but anime has its own distinct take on this particular idea. So really study that and some...obviously, you've probably watched many, many anime films or read many anime comics, so really get in there and kind of study the details of the pieces or stories that you love. That'd be the first step. The second step is to really study the artists and the style of anime that you particularly like -- the exaggerated facial features or hair and the poses. Really familiarize yourself with this technique because it will help you greatly if you really want to establish yourself as an anime artist -- someone who is easily recognizable as an anime designer. If you, you know, kind of deviate from what is traditionally known as being anime, it'll be harder for you to really...for your work to stand out within that world. So the best thing to do is study the people that you really like, really allow yourself to be immersed in that world, and yeah, start laying ideas down on a blank page.


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