What to Look for When Buying an Amplifier

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When buying an amplifier, determine what the amplifier will be used for, figure out how many connections will be required, decide whether it needs to process video signals, and consider a product with HDMI digital inputs and outputs. Use an amplifier for a home theater system if it has enough inputs for multiple speakers with advice from the owner of an electronics store in this free video on amplifiers.

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Video Transcript

What to look for when buying an amplifier. Amplifiers are either two channel or multi-channel. The difference would be multi-channel amplifiers would be used in home theater settings with surround sound, typically, more than two speakers. Either five, seven, or nine speakers. This particular amplifier is a two-channel amplifier. If you're just listening to music out of two speakers this is what you would use. There are connections for two speakers in the front or in your main room, and there's also two speaker connections for an alternate room somewhere else in your house, so you can have up to four speakers connected to this amplifier. This will not process any video signals coming from a DVD player, or a VCR, or a satellite receiver. This one, however, will and this also has a lot more speaker connections, as you can see, on the back; giving you center channel, surround speakers, surround back speakers, a sub-woofer output, and a zone two pair of speakers which means you could listen to something totally different in one room of the house while the another part of your family are listening to a home theater signal in in another room. As you can see, there's a lot more audio inputs, and there's also video processing input, so this will actually act as a video control receiver for your video system or your home theater system in your house. This will also have HDMI digital inputs and outputs that would go to a high definition television set. So, this would be a full-featured amplifier which would be great if you were hooking it up to a home theater system in your house.


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