How Does a Digital Television Work?

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Digital television works by having a digital antenna connection that programs the digital and analog channels into the TV memory. Find out how digital channels will either appear on a TV or they wont, and there is no in between like there is on regular TVs, with information from the owner of an electronics store in this free video on television.

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How does a digital television work? It has the same type of input as the older analog TVs, the coaxial cable, as you'll see there are no small screw terminals for your typical standard analog antenna. So the only antenna input is this one right here. You would have to get a digital antenna to connect to this connection here, they take the signals through that antenna in a digital fashion instead of analog which means there is a digital to analog converter built into this television. OK the television needs to be programmed which means it goes through a series of steps that takes all the available analog and digital channels and programs them into it's own memory allowing you to search through the channels by scrolling up and down on the channel selection button on the remote control or with the buttons right on the top side or front of the television set. You will see channels that are labeled differently than what you're used to, they will have a decimal point after the channel number and then either one or two digits to the right of the decimal point indicating that it is a digital channel. If the digital channel is weak, there will not be anything shown on the screen, it will be a black screen. There will not be your typical snow with a digital channel so the channel will either be there or it won't be there unlike an analog channel where you can still sometimes watch it if there's a weak signal with some snow.


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