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Print advertising requires thinking about the quality of the publication, the shelf life of the publication and whether the publication will reach your audience. Make a print advertisement stand out to get attention with tips from a marketing and sales management professor in this free video on advertising.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark, and we're going to look at the benefits of print advertising -- tips for effective print advertising. Well, there are many mediums that we can look at when we think about advertising our products and services, but print is something that has a special element that others probably don't. You have to think about the benefits of print media is that it's a physical experience, whether it be a magazine, whether it be a newspaper, a journal. We're actually interacting -- physically interacting -- with it. We actually build up a physical relationship with this piece of paper. Now, it might be that it's a newspaper and it might be that it's a trade publication. It might be that it's a consumer magazine. But it has a specific interest to us at that particular time. And of course, it's a news-based form of media. all media is, but therefore, it is offering us fresh information. So with that in mind, we have to think about how and where we want to position ourselves as an advertisement in this particular media, and the value it has for us, as an advertiser, and obviously a potential customer or consumer. So we have to think about the publication. Is it a daily? Is it a weekly? Monthly? Is it an annual publication? What is it? And what type of impact will it...will our advertising have on that particular medium -- on that particular journal? So we must think about our product, our service, and how it fits in. Now, positioning is everything, and the advertisement has to gain its biggest impact would be in the relevance of its locale...its position in that particular journal, paper, magazine, newspaper. So we have to say, "Are we going to be advertising under a category?" For example, in a magazine, if it says, "fashion items," are we going to advertise our product...our product there because of the fact that it's actually focusing under a category? Or do we want to be early in the magazine where people when they're just opening it up, we're there to grab their attention? What is it we want to achieve? Of course, it depends on the advertisement. Is it a generic ad or is it a promotional ad? Well, what type of message are we creating? So you need to think about all these issues. The other thing is the shelf life of the magazine. If it's a quality publication, it's going to have a long shelf life. It's going to be found in places where people have time to read it. It could be in a library. It could be in a doctor's surgery. It could be in a beauty shop. It could be any of these places where it's just lying around and people have time to digest it. So in other words, there are three types of readers here. There's the actual purchaser. Then there's the secondary user, and it could be a household member. And then there's possibly the overspill. So you have maybe what we call a unique readership, viewership and secondary, and it could continue. This magazine could be lying around -- or newspaper could be lying around -- for some time. So we're talking about qualitative versus quantitative. If it's a free newspaper, then it also has value because there are a lot more people that are going to be accessing it as well. And you have to think about the value of your brand in a paper like that. Will it help? Are you selling coffee? In which case, you need to sell a lot of coffees, then it's worthwhile. If you're selling beauty and lifestyle, maybe not. But these are questions I'm sure you know the answer to. Good luck.


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