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Pick a logo by contacting a graphic artist to design a logo that represents what the company or organization stands for as a business. Think carefully about the colors of a logo, and be sure to register the design, with help from a marketing and sales management professor in this free video on small business logos.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark, and I'm going to talk to you about how to pick a logo for your...for your business -- for your organization. Well, two questions come to my mind. One is are you going to pick this from a catalog or from a brochure, or are you going to get a trained artist to come in -- a graphic artist or a designer to come in -- and create one for you? Either which way, the issue is a logo is the calling card of your business. It's the name, it's the image, it's the personality, it's the brand. It's the organizational image that you are sending out a message you're sending out to your potential customers. So the logo really should replicate everything your organization stands for. If you are, for example, doing a...setting up a delivery service or a courier service, then, of course, the main issue is efficiency and speed. So therefore, you would want to be looking at a color that would replicate or colors that replicate that -- maybe red. Red is aggressive, it's fast. Maybe you want to push out a message. You should also look at, for example, companies in that business because, again, you don't want to be lost or do something too similar. Or maybe you do. Maybe you want to be noticed as a company that's in line with another one. But whatever it is you choose, the image, the color sends out a message of what your business is about, and you need to be looking at that very, very closely. So my advice would be to get a professional to come in and to discuss your requirements because, that way, it's something which will be unique to you as a business. And, obviously, unique in terms of the message and appeal. The logo of your organization also is very much a's intellectual property of the organization. So again, it's important that this is registered. So registered to your organization because, obviously, in this day and age, it's very easy to copy or replicate a logo and therefore, when it's created for you, it is really your own stamp that is unique to you. So make sure that it's copyrighted or trademarked in some way that protects you from any form of duplication.


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