Where Is Artificial Intelligence Used?

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Artificial intelligence is used in many aspects of life, as any computer system that makes automatic decisions is considered artificial intelligence, from the scanner at the grocery store or the GPS system in a car to the robots that are being sent into outer space. Find examples of artificial intelligence with information from a computer graphics artist in this free video on robots.

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Video Transcript

I'm John P. Funk with the Cosmic Funk Studio, and I've been asked 'where is artificial intelligence used?' That is a great question. Artificial intelligence is used all over the place. Literally, artificial intelligence is a computer system which makes its own decisions. So, anywhere you go where there's a computer system that's recording or tracking or responding uses some kind of artificial intelligence software, which is designed by a programmer, which reacts to your actions. So for example, you go to the grocery store, and you ring up a product... there's a laser scanner that scans a bar code. This uses an artificial intelligence software to track the database of all the products, which rings up the particular price of that one product that you just bought. Another example is the GPS in your car. The GPS uses a tracking software that navigates based on your position, and it tracks that position through satellites. It uses an artificial intelligence software to communicate that information over the broad distances from your location to the satellite, and then back to you. Very complex, but then also very simple at the same time. Your cell phone also has a transponder inside of it, which artificial intelligence can use to track your location, and also to track the signal as you're talking across anywhere from your neighborhood to across the world. Another really cool example of artificial intelligence are robots that we send to another planets, such as like the Spirit Robot that's currently on Mars that's collecting samples and data. The artificial intelligence in that system allows the robot to make its own decisions on navigation, avoidance detection... things like that. Another really cool example are these Furby toys. How they use artificial intelligence to basically react to your talking to it. It has a computer chip inside of it, and software designed that actually responds to your conversation and talks back to you. So where is artificial intelligence used? Literally everywhere around us.


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