How to Build a Homemade Junk Robot

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Building a homemade junk robot is best done using collected odds and ends of things, such as electronic toy parts, computer parts, cardboard, circuit boards and wires. Start collecting random junk to build a found-object robot with information from a computer graphics artist in this free video on robots.

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Video Transcript

I'm John P. Funk, with the CozmicFunk Studio and I'm here to talk about how to build a homemade junk robot. Well basically if you're like me and you collect junk and you have a storeroom full of funk, then you're just ready to make a robot. The key factor is to collect cool junk like old electronic toys like this one that was a home arcade system that would plug into your TV. As you can see I took the back off of it and which reveals the circuits and there's all kind of switches and knobs and cool gadgets that we can use to take these components and glue them on top of our cardboard box which is the foundation for our junk robot. We need a good foundation cardboard is great for that. You can cut it, you can bend it, you can hot glue it, you can use Elmer's Glue, even duct tape, it all works great. So we glue our or tape our old junk components onto the robot as you see here. So this is just one type of junk that we use. Another junk is any kind of cool plastic looking detail like this old battery holder for a large 12 volt battery. This makes really great detail that you can then throw right on the chest of your robot just like that to give it some cool looking detail. And again you can collect this kind of junk anywhere, literally you can go dumpster diving, I don't recommend that, but you can, and you can find it anywhere. Save all your plastic from like if you buy a new television set, usually or a computer, there's all kinds of plastic and foam that comes in the box. Save all that cool junk, it'll come in handy later. And then the other cool thing is instead of throwing your old computers away, you can recycle the electronics out of them such as I have here. I have a motherboard out of old piece of a computer and you could take these motherboards and you can even take the chips off of them if you want and you could stick them onto your cardboard robot which also adds really cool detail. And you can use knobs from the old radios. You can use wires from any piece of electronic or you can even go and buy new wire, I just recommend recycling it, it's cheaper and it's efficient. And again, use your imagination because literally one man's junk is another man's treasure and you could really make a cool looking robot out of all of your old hardware and junk.


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