How to Install a New Hard Drive on a PC

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To install a new hard drive on a PC, or personal computer, plug in the motherboard, take the same plug and put it into the hard drive, find the power cone and hook up a cable to it, and find a spot in the computer to place the hard drive. Screw in a new computer hard drive with help from a computer specialist in this free video on computer hardware.

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Video Transcript

In this video, I'm going to show you how to install a new hard drive. And now, there are two kinds these days with technology changing the way it is. You either have a SATA, which uses this kind of cable, or a parallel IDE, which uses this kind of cable. I'm going to show you how to do both. Now, both drives appear the same, they're both 3-1/2 inches and they both look about the same. So, how do you tell the difference? Well, the parallel has all these teeth in here with jumper settings and this big hook up for power. The SATA is more compact and just has these two weird connectors and just put one for power and one for data. Check your owner's manual, see which one you have, that way you don't go out and buy the wrong one and have to return it. SATA is the new technology. It's widely accepted and is pretty much what is installed on all systems these days. It has a smaller cable which is easier to work with and it's faster. Kind of looks like this, very strange, a little easy cable to deal with though. You find the hole, this computer has four of them, right here, you plug it in to the motherboard and then you just take the same plug and go right into your hard drive. And now, you have to find the power cone from the power supply and it should look just like this. You can see that. And it goes right in the back and, voila, your cables are hooked up, find the spot where you want to put it inside your computer and screw it in, and you have yourself a new drive. Now, if you have an older computer, that doesn't mean you can't upgrade your drive, you're just going to have to use a different type of hard drive. See, here are your IDE connectors, which are parallel instead of serial like the new ones. They run on a different ribbon cable, such as this. They run on a different ribbon cable, such as this here and you can hook up two devices to one input. Make sure you check your drive for jumper settings because if you have a master or a slave, it has to be wired right or it will not be recognized. In this case, we only have one drive in the slot so we just plug in, plug it into your drive, make sure there are no jumpers in because it's your only drive, so it's a master, so you don't want any jumpers. Power it up with the power supply. Find a slot for it, slide it on in, screw it in and turn your computer on and, voila, you have a new hard drive.


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