How to Connect a PC to a TV With Audio

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Connect a PC to a TV with audio by using a video card that has DVI outputs, running the DVI to the HDMI and putting it on the back of the television. Connect the sound from a computer to a television with a headphone jack adapter using instructions from a computer specialist in this free video on connecting computers and TVs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Gary Malec, and in this video I'm going to show you how to hook your computer's sound and video up to a television. Now I'm going to recommend that you use're going to have to have a video card that has DVI outputs. And I have a DVI to an HDMI adapter, because I have a high definition television here, and that's how I'm going to hook it up. But, if you don't, you always have a video card that has S video outputs, or most laptops, they also have S video outputs. And then you can go to an S video and put in your television. But the video quality isn't going to be there....and it's not really gonna....So we're going to hook the DVI right into here in the video card, and then we're going to take that and run it to the HDMI and put it on the back of my television. And then for sound, we got an eighth inch headphone jack adapter to RCA outputs, left and right here, two channel, to hook into the back of the television, as well. And it's usually color coded on the back of your computer, here, in green. Green is go. So let's plug it into the green, and then take this to the back and plug it into the color coded segments where it goes with the HDMI. And there you have it, you're hooked up to your television now. Play away.


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