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Install new RAM into a computer by finding the color-coded RAM slots, lining up the notch on the RAM chips, snapping the chip into place and then repeating with the other RAM chip. Finish installing RAM by putting the computer back together and turning it on with instructions from a computer specialist in this free video on computer hardware.

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Hi. I'm Gary Malec and in this video I'm going to talk to you about RAM installation. Probably the easiest of all upgrades for a computer user and they'll charge you a decent amount at the store but any, pretty much anybody can do this on their own. You don't need to pay somebody to do it. I have here two RAM sticks. This is a newer computer so new Intel base core based processors generally will have four Ram doms. On most computers now with Core 2 Intel based there's four Ram slots color coded. They have to be in pairs, you can't just put one chip in. I'm going to use the white here. Make sure you line up, you're going to have a notch, all RAM has a notch here. You're always going to have a notch. Make sure you line your notch up. Its only one way it can go. Slide it in nice and easy. Take your two fingers here on the ends and push down. You'll hear a click. There you have it, one's in. The same thing on the same color on the other side. Push down and there you have it you just installed RAM. Its that easy. Now all you have to do is put your case back together. Plug your computer in. Turn it on and it'll be recognized automatically all by itself. You have to do nothing further.


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