How to Uninstall Windows XP

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Uninstalling Windows XP requires completely deleting the entire drive partition by running a boot disk and following the instructions for deleting the partition. Back up programs and data on a computer before uninstalling Windows with help from a network engineer and IT specialist in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

Because Windows is so integral and part of a computer or actually any operating system, simply uninstalling it, it really isn't an option. What you have to do to get rid of it is actually delete the entire drive partition. When I say a partition it is simply like a partition in a cubicle. Your space is your space and then you have a partition then your neighbor's space is their space. On a hard drive a partition is generally assigned a drive letter like in most cases the main system is a C drive or a C:/, you'll see that inside of Windows when you go to My Computer. You will see a little C:/ underneath your local hard drive. So to get rid of Windows you would get rid of that partition which will also mean that you will lose all the data that is on there so before you actually uninstall Windows you always always always want to make sure you back up all the data on your machine. When I say data I don't mean programs I mean actual data like music videos, all that stuff, pictures and make sure you pull it off. The programs that you haven't uninstalled unfortunately you'll need to reinstall again under the new version of Windows that you install or if you are installing the same version when you reinstall the actual application. To do that you put the actual XP disk in or Vista depending on whatever you are upgrading to or down to, Windows 2000 or whatever you put that into your drive, let the computer boot up to the CD drive. You may actually depending on whatever computer that you use, you may have to tell it to boot from a CD drive and then you you boot it in there one of the first options that you see is deleting the partition that you have already. When you delete that partition you will automatically wipe out Windows.


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