How to Change a Motherboard

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Change a computer motherboard by locating the screws and screw holes outlined in metal on the motherboard, lining up the motherboard with the risers and screwing in the plates. Learn more about the basics of changing a motherboard with instructions from a network engineer and IT specialist in this free video on computer motherboards.

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Video Transcript

You would change a mother board very similarly to changing a lot of other things on the computer, that are basically held down by screws and risers that are on the bottom of the mother board itself. The screw holes will be very obvious, because there's metal outlining, the screw holes on the actual mother board. So, underneath these screws are the screw holes, there are spots on the computer case where you would kind of put the risers first and then, in the risers you would put the screws. So, you'd lay these down, lay this mother board down on the risers and then screw them down in each of the holes, there on there. The screw holes right here, that are outlined in metal, their very obvious, look very different than what else is on the machine. And, underneath these screw holes you would have the risers and then the actual plate on which, in the case that you would mount the risers and then the mother board. And, that's very, very simply how you change a mother board.


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