Diseases From Dog Bites

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Diseases from dog bites are a common occurrence with humans, so it's important to check with a physician after receiving a bite. Learn about bacterial diseases that can come from a dog's mouth with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on dog health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about diseases from dog bites. This is a very common occurrence with humans especially for people in our field in veterinary medicine we are put at risk every single day about getting bit and there are lots of diseases that can occur from that. If you receive a bite you always want to check with your human physician. They can guide you through treatment, antibiotics, that sort of thing and make sure that you catch those early because those dog bites can become worse. The question is always debatable between dogs and cats who has the dirtiest mouth and the worst bites. Well they're both really really bad. There are over 130 different types of bacterial diseases that can be transmitted from the dog mouth. Dogs have a lot of teeth obviously and they have these large canines which are used for defense and tearing and so when a bite occurs depending on where that is can also dictate how bad or severe the injury is going to be. Because if you get a bite right at a joint space or any joint bacteria can get into that joint and that can be harder to treat. You can also get bacterial infections that ascend up tendon sheaths and things of that nature and a lot of cellulitis can occur from that and so again dog bites can be very very dangerous and so you always want to be preventive first. Never put yourself in harms way and never do anything like if your dog is seizuring like say sticking your hand in their mouth so keeping away from that mouth is going to be your best bet and if you get a dog bite again there are lots of diseases that occur, mostly bacterial check with your human physician.


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