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A cat with a UTI, or urinary tract infection, will commonly urinate outside of the litter box. Look for frequent urination as a sign of a possible UTI in a cat with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about UTI symptoms in cats. UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection. There can be a lot of different reasons a cat can get that but it is very common. What we typically see with a cat that has a UTI is going to be urinating outside the litter box. Cats very commonly will get into their litter box and try to urinate and it burns and so they automatically think that the litter may be doing that or the box may be doing that to them and so what they will want to do is go outside of the box so that's the first thing that you might see so if you are seeing something like that check with your veterinary clinic. They'll want to see the cat, do a urinalysis on it and find out if there is infection or inflammation or crystals or something like that. Now the most important thing to know about with cats and UTI's is the male cat. There can be a blockage of the urethra. That is a male cat because they have a tiny little urethral opening can get infection and inflammation and that can block the tip of the urethra and so those cats are going to be going to the box and vocalizing because nothing is coming out. That is an emergency so they need to go immediately to their clinic or emergency facility overnight and so the most common urinary tract infection signs on these guys or any cat is going to be going outside the litter box and very commonly too is going back to the litter box or that same place they are going frequently over and over and over and so it is generally noticeable and if that is happening check with your clinic.


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