How to Take Care of a Kitten's Broken Leg

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A kitten with a broken leg should be taken to a clinic or an emergency clinic for immediate care. Learn about splint and cast care for a cat with a broken leg with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to take care of a kitten with a broken leg. Kittens obviously get into much more trouble than adults do usually. We see lots of trauma from jumping, getting stepped on, and getting closed in doors, or hit by a car, and kittens are more fragile than an adult cat, and so seeing a broken leg in a kitten is pretty common. The first thing you want to know obviously or do is get that kitten to a clinic or an emergency clinic for immediate care. Fractures that are closed under the skin are much better than having one that opens up through the skin, because they can get it infected and it could become really bad, but what happens and how to take care of a kitten is essentially aftercare. So, after going to a clinic, if a cat has a broken leg, generally it's either going to have surgery or it's going to have a splint or a cast. Now, splint and cast care is very important, especially after they go home. They need strict rest for these bones to heal after a fracture. Usually, that may be anywhere from four to six weeks. Kittens heal pretty quickly, but in that meantime they're going to have a splint or a cast on, usually with some sort of bandage material. These bandage materials are great, but they can get soiled and dirty, and sometimes they can actually be chewed off, and things like that, so you have to keep your kitten from being too rambunctious so they'll heal, and leaving the cast padding and cast material or splint material alone. And so, check with your veterinary clinic, because there are going to be other things like pain medication associated with them, you know, again, splint or cast care that will have to be changed every week or so according to how your clinic wants to do that. And basically, keeping them quiet and rested is going to be the hardest thing for dealing with a cat with a broken leg.


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