Causes of Pneumonia

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Some of the causes of pneumonia include viruses, bacteria and parasites on occasion. Discover how pneumonia can be obtained by a person breathing infected air with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on respiratory therapy and healthy breathing.

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Video Transcript

What causes pneumonia? I like to speak with you just briefly about this. Some of the causes are viruses, bacteria, parasites, although that could be rare. You have bacteria and viruses that are most prevalent. With strep is a bacteria; staph is bacteria. Flu can be either one; a bacteria or a virus. They got the legionella and they have bird droppings and fungi. Pneumonia is usually initiated when somebody is breathing in an infected air; so it's airborne. You can develop by doing or after, upper respiratory infections such as a cold or a flu. Complications of viral illnesses; measles, chicken pox, aspiration pneumonia is when they, someone, maybe you should, always vomiting and aspirates that into their lungs and it will develop a pneumonia; not all the time but, it can develop into pneumonia and this very acid coming out of the stomach content. So that's going to be a pretty heavy pneumonia that can be aspirated. It's airborne, it's also, many times people will get a pneumonia that has a compromise immune system; where there's AIDS or HIV positive or it's rather, it's an elderly person with chronic lung disease or just has been debilitated for a long time. Bu sometimes you'll see with, with people who have had a long term illness. It's easier to get a pneumonia; you see a lot evident, perhaps in the hospitals , if the patient is not turn as much as every two hours, hopefully, minimum; where that the fluid sac just gets into the certain areas of the lung and it can cause a sedimentary pneumonia. However, some of the things that you want to look for with this is that it comes from viruses, bacterium parasites. So that just concludes on what causes pneumonia.


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