Health Reasons to Stop Smoking

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Healthy reasons to stop smoking include the increase of life expectancy, the decrease of the chance of lung cancer and a decrease in the chance of blood clots or heart attacks. Improve blood pressure and mental alertness by quitting smoking with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on respiratory therapy and healthy breathing.

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This episode's on health, health reasons to stop smoking. The life expectancy would increase seven years more because every time you smoke a cigarette, it takes eleven minutes off your life. If you were to stop smoking, it would also decrease the chance of having lung cancer. Also, it would perhaps stop some of the COPD advancement, if you stop smoking because even though it's not going to cure COPD, then, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is what that is, then it, you would not enhance it any further. You would also decrease your chance of blood clots or heart attacks. The blood pressure would drop to a normal status and your health and your mental status would be even better and you would be, have a less chance of having a stroke. Lost of fertility, fertility; it's a problem there if smokers have less chance of having children. It also would, your blood supply would increase to your skin. If you've noticed that people who have smoked for many years have lots of wrinkles and their face is not smooth; it's very dry and it looks like leather. So your skin will be better because what happens with smoking that it does take, it takes the Vitamin A out of your body. Your cilia, which is a little hair-like particles that sweep up the debris in your lungs would increase and clear your lungs more rapidly because every time you smoke a cigarette, they're paralyze for thirty minutes. So, that would increase anything that would get in your lung from pollutants or whatever it is; it would be able to sweep up and get out of your lungs better if you would not smoke. It is also damaging to the blood flow; you have more cataracts with smoking; you have more sick days with smoking; so therefore if, for health reasons and to be able to live a better life, you stop smoking so that you would have more work hours; your skin will look better, you would feel better; your health would go up; your taste buds would increase and your heart would be more efficient.


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