Is There an Asthma Cure?

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There is no asthma cure, but most children who have asthma will find that the condition clears up over time. Find out how to manage asthma with proper usage of medication with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on respiratory therapy and healthy breathing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I like to speak to you briefly about, "Is there an asthma cure?" There is no asthma cure. However in children, it usually does clear up. But in adults there is no cure. However, there's a big however here, you can manage your asthma. You can do this with early detention, detection, excuse me, early detection and early diagnosis. You can learn an action plan with your doctor and this has to be covered very carefully with your physician. You would want to obtain a peak expiratory flow meter so that you can measure your initial setting on a good day where you're not having any asthma symptoms or signals and in that way, you would know what your baseline is. That gives you a really good indication of what your lung, what your lungs are measuring with the flow on a day that you're not having any problems. You call your doctor at early onset with colds or fevers or anything like that you want to call them. He might want to put you on a antibiotic or increase your medications; but you would need to discuss that with your physician. Stay the distance from those with colds. You don't have to come fanatic about it; but just be careful to wash your hands well, drink plenty of water and stay the distance from other folks that might have colds. You can exercise, but do it with your own, with your physician's knowledge and his management. And then another good thing that you might want to consider is that join a pulmonary rehab unit where they can manage and help you there with the Pulmonologist and with the Respiratory Therapist there managing it and watching you exercise and showing you what you can and cannot do. It's really good to be able to just stay in tune with health care professionals, especially those that are, have expertise in Pulmonology which is the study of your lungs and how well you breath.


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