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An important part of controlling asthma is early detection and diagnosis from a pulmonologist. Learn about using asthma medications properly, including preventative medications and daily controllers, with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on respiratory therapy and healthy breathing.

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Video Transcript

Today, I like to speak with you regarding controlling asthma. One of the most important things that you can do is to have early detection, early diagnosis from a Pulmonologist; not to ignore the early warning signals from asthma. One of the ways that you can help control your asthma is to have early spirometry; that is a test that's usually done in doctor's office or done in the hospital where they measure you how much air you pull in and out of your lungs in a certain amount of time, based upon and they compare to others who do not have a diagnosis of asthma. Know your symptoms. Know what you're feeling and record them and take them to the doctor so that he can see that there is some type of diagnosis that he can gum up with because of the symptoms that you're having. All develop your plan with your doctor. You're going to need a plan of action of what to do, not only when you have an emergency, but how do you do it everyday to control the asthma so that you can have the best life that's possible. Peak expiratory flow meters are very important to asthmatic patients. They can measure their own forced expiration flows daily. It shouldn't be done just when you feel like you're getting shortness of breath but you should do it daily so you'll know what the baselines are. Know your medications and how to use them properly and don't use them in irregular and use them faithfully so that you can stay in control of the asthma and the asthma does not control you. That's very important that you control the asthma and the asthma does not include, does not control you. Medications, there are two main types; there's a daily controller which is a relievers and then they, there is another one that helps prevent asthma symptoms. The reliever is use when symptoms worsen. The daily controller is one that helps prevent. So you need to know the difference between your medications; know which is a broncho dilator and which one is a corticosteroid, steroid. There are many medication on the market today that will help you control your asthma.


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