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Signs of a teething baby include drooling, pulling at the ears, scratching at the jaw line, slightly loose stools and difficulty sleeping. Identify the signs of teething, as opposed to a more serious illness, with help from a certified nurse midwife and professor of nursing in this free video on childcare.

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Many new parents wonder about the signs of teething in their child. Well there are 20 primary teeth that need to come in and the first tooth usually appears around seven months but can be as early as three months and as late as a year. Every child teethes individually. It dos or may have some hereditary component so if dad or mom teethed rather late baby may follow suit or the opposite also can be true. Some of the signs of teething include drooling, that's probably the one parents recognize most often. Also pulling at the ears or scratching at the jaw line as the molars come in can be seen. Baby may also have slightly loose stools and that is attributed to the increase in drool, the increase in the mucous production as the baby teethes. Also they may have difficulty sleeping and they may have a cough with the extra mucous that is produced. They are generally pretty fussy at the time those teeth are coming through the gums though. Some of these symptoms are also symptoms of illness in a child so if there is any question as to whether your child is ill if he is running a fever, if he is having upper respiratory infection symptoms, if he is having a productive cough or fever then you need to let your baby's caregiver know right away as they'll be able to tell you for sure whether it is just a symptom of teething or if maybe your baby really is ill.


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