How to Dress Formally When Pregnant

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To dress formally when pregnant, find dresses or clothes made of breathable fabrics, wear comfortable clothes, put breast pads inside the bra to prevent mishaps and wear full-length stockings. Wear low-heeled shoes when dressing formally during pregnancy with advice from a certified nurse midwife and professor of nursing in this free video on pregnancy.

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Video Transcript

Hi. Have you been invited to the formal event during your pregnancy and have not a thing to wear? Well maybe I can help. My name is Michelle Collins and I'm a nurse midwife and professor of midwifery at Vanderbilt University. the key to dressing in pregnancy is dress for comfort. That's the whole idea behind what you should choose. As Missy shows us, some fabrics that you can buy maternity close in are very movable and breathable and that's the key for pregnancy. There are some fabrics like linen and cotton that allow for a woman's shape and body to move a little bit less restricted than other fabrics that may be synthetic. Also a woman when she's dressing wearing thin fabrics may want to wear breast pads inside her bra if she happens to be leaking during her pregnancy, to avoid any mishaps. If she is attending an event where she needs to wear stockings, best not to wear knee high nylons that constrict the blood flow and can trap fluid in the lower extremities, but to wear full length stockings that go over the belly and support the legs and the belly. In choosing the shoes that you want to wear with your formal outfit, it's o.k. to wear heels when your pregnant. You just don't want to wear your stiletto heels. They can get you off balance when your center of gravity is a little bit off especially near the end of your pregnancy. So choose a heel that has a wider base and that you'll be able to balance on. The ligaments and tendons in your legs are a little bit more susceptible to injury when you're pregnant. And so you want to make sure that you're wearing a heel that will allow you stability and protect you from falling as well.


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