Choosing Toilet Seats for Potty Training

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When choosing a toilet seat for potty training a child, consider how easy it is to clean, whether it may pinch the child's legs and how intimidating it may seem to the child. Be patient, and try different options when potty training a toddler using advice from a certified nurse midwife and professor of nursing in this free video on childcare.

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Video Transcript

Thoughts of potty training can make even the strongest parent weak in the knees. Hi, I'm Michelle Collins Certified Nurse Midwife and Professor of Midwifery at Vanderbuilt University. And I wish I could say that all types of potty training implements were exactly the same and fit all types of children. But unfortunately, just as every child is an individual, the type of implement that they like to use the best will also be an individual decision. I'm going to give you some pros and cons of each of a couple of types of things, so that might help you in making your own decision as to what to purchase. This type of potty chair is all in one, it's portable. They're reasonably economical to buy and they come with either a removable bowl or they're made of one piece. The ones that have a removable bowl are easy for clean up. The ones that are all one piece, have to be tipped up to cleaned out and that can make clean up a little bit more messy. Also sometimes little ones can sit down and accidentally pinch their legs or their skin in this if they've got it close to the lid. These types of rings sit right on top of the adult toilet seat. These are great because they're very portable and they're very economical to buy. One thing about them is that they may make the toilet a little bit more intimidating to the child who has to climb up to get on the seat and also may not be as comfortable as their legs dangle over the side. But it is very economical and easy to take along. So whatever implement you chose to help with potty training, just remember one thing, that it should be as stress free as possible. Be patient and allow for your child to make mistakes.


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