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A breastfeeding diet for new mothers should include about 500 extra calories and six to eight glasses or water. It should also be bland in flavor and should exclude vegetables that cause gas. Avoid spicy good, chocolate, caffeine and greasy food when breastfeeding with advice from a certified nurse midwife and professor of nursing in this free video on childcare and new mothers.

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Video Transcript

Many new breastfeeding mothers will ask, What should my diet consist of, while I'm breastfeeding? This is a great question. Hi, I'm Michelle Collins, Nurse Midwife, and Professor of Midwifery at Vanderbilt University. The diet of a new breastfeeding mother should contain more calories, than the diet of a woman who's not breastfeeding. It takes about 500 calories a day, just to produce breast milk, and so you need those extra calories in your diet, to produce breast milk for your baby. Secondly, the diet of a new breastfeeding mother should be somewhat bland, so that baby can acclimate to a mother's milk. It should be devoid of a lot of spice. Things like garlic and onions, and cruciferous vegetables that might cause gas in an adult, can cause gas in a baby as well, and you might have a baby that has a tummy ache. Foods that a breastfeeding woman might want to avoid, include chocolate, colas, spicy, greasy foods, especially your favorite Thai, Indian food dish, that's pretty spicy, can give baby a little bit of a tummy ache sometimes. Also, breastfeeding women want to make sure that they get at least 6-8 glasses of water or fluid in their diet every day, so that they have plenty of fluid, in which to make breast milk out of. If you follow these simple diet instructions, it will help to make your milk plentiful and rich, and you'll have a happy baby, and happy mom.


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