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To create a Web page, be very clean about the purpose of the company or site, use multiple pages for lots of information, have really good navigation, and use the right font size. Make sure a Web page has easy-to-access contact information and quick downloads with ideas from a business management consultant in this free video on Web pages and the Internet.

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Video Transcript

Today, I'm going to speak to you about the golden rules for how to have a good Web page. The Web is a passive medium. You're not actually talking to your customers directly in conversation, so it's even more important to have a very strong brand identity. And I mean by that that what you see on the page should tell you something instantly about the company, its values, what it does, what the benefits are, and things like that. Really difficult to get that across on a two-dimensional medium, but it's even more important that you do so. Secondly, the old adage KISS -- keep it simple, stupid. So many Web pages are so long that people don't scroll down. So the golden rule is if you've got a lot of information to convey, have more pages and great navigation to get people where they want to go. People don't stay on the Web very long, particularly on Web pages, so you've really to get them there really quickly. Have really great navigation aides, perhaps at the top or the side bar, but make sure it's really easy to get people where they want to go because, otherwise, the tendency is to think that it's not there and leave. Fourthly, make the page accessible. That means having the right font size -- not too small -- not using fonts that are really hard to read. And there's quite a lot of good information you can get on the Web about which fonts are more readable on the Web. But it makes a huge difference as to whether people will read your page. Make it accessible. What I mean by that is making sure that the font sizes are suitable for all types of people. And, indeed, the fonts. Some fonts are more readable than others, and you can actually get quite a lot of information on the Web about which ones are the best ones to use. If you use fancy fonts, you may find people will actually leave your website. So don't overload it with complex graphics and fonts. If you use downloads, make sure they can be downloaded quickly. Don't load your entire videocast log on the Web or make it so that it actually download in Flash or some other player so, actually, you get the content quickly. Really importantly, make sure that your front page has a very, very good description of what your company does and all the kind of keywords that should go into that because Google searches based on the front page and will index your site according to what it sees that you have on that front page. So make sure your front page contains all the keywords you want to actually be recognized for. Also, the Web is a collaborative medium, so make sure that you get as many people as possible in similar industries or related ones to link their site to you. Maybe people in the same industry don't want to do that for obvious reasons, but make sure you get more traffic by getting lots of links. It's all about reducing the size of that haystack and getting people to find you as the needles that they want. Make sure that as many things as possible you want people to do on your website are available by just clicking once. If you give people two clicks to do things on the Web, sometimes that is one click too many. Finally, make it really easy for people to contact you. I've seen websites where there are no phone numbers or emails or anything like that, and even worse, where there are contact pages but you have to actually fill in your birth sign and various other things before you're allowed to actually send your request. I really don't like, as a rule, contact pages where have to put in a lot of information. Remember, your customers are busy, so make it really easy to give a one-click email response. Then, they have the choice of either saying "contact me" or possibly "give me some information," on which to base your reply. So that's the basics on how to create a Web page. One real good way to find out more is to study Web pages and work out what you like as a consumer, and work out what you don't like, and plan to do the things that you like and plan to do avoid the things that you don't like.


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