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A wheel chock is any type of device that is placed in front or back of a wheel that keeps it from rotating or rolling. Find out why it's best to use a triangular-shaped wedge as a wheel chock with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance and auto repair.

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Hello, my name is Mark Blocker, in this segment we're going to cover about the safety of wheel chocks. OK what a wheel chock is basically is any type of device that's placed in front or back or both of a wheel that prevents a wheel from rotating or the car from rolling. These are most commonly used when jacking a vehicle if you're going to jack up the front end or back end of the vehicle, it's a good idea to place chocks on the opposite end of the vehicle to ensure that it doesn't roll or move while you have the vehicle in the air. They can also be used for securing a motor home for long periods of time on a hill or incline in your driveway so you don't put as much load and stress on the locking devices in the transmission or brakes themselves. Now the wheel chocks can be store boughten and they usually come in a form of wood or rubber and they're in a triangular shape and they're used to be placed in front and back of the vehicle and that prevents the wheel from rolling. You could use a standard 4x4 wood blocks, lay sideways in front or back of the vehicle or split pieces of firewood work really well as well. A triangular shaped wedge works best because it fits both underneath the pavement and underneath the wheel very securely and helps to ensure that the car doesn't roll but you can use just about anything to secure the vehicle that will support the weight of the vehicle. You want something solid enough that the tire's not going to crush and roll over. And that's some information about wheel chocks safety.


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