How to Become a Financial Accounting Tutor

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To become a financial accounting tutor, gain the key credentials, such as taking several financial accounting classes, and contact the local financial accounting departments of surrounding universities to advertise services. Start tutoring financial accounting students with information from a high school and elementary school tutor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Samir Malik and I'm a private tutor for middle school and high school students here in the Austin area. Today we're going to be discussing on how to become a financial accounting tutor. Now, first and foremost the tutor should have the key credentials before he comes on board or she comes on board as coming a financial accounting tutor. First and foremost is having taken that class, having taken financial accounting. The second requirement would be having taken the managerial accounting program. This way the tutor will have a strong foundation of not only financial accounting but also a strong foundation of managerial accounting so he or she can compare and contrast both of these accounting areas with his or her student when he's working or she's working with their student. Now, eLearning also has an interactive software for becoming a financial accounting tutor. This software enables and allows a tutor to have an interactive learning process on becoming a financial accounting tutor and being able to succeed in this field. Now, how does the tutor advertise his or her services? Well, one of the ways on advertising his or her services as a financial accounting tutor would be to contact the accounting departments of various universities or colleges in the tutors area. Once the tutor has contacted these universities and colleges and the accounting departments within these universities and colleges, those institutions will be aware that there is a tutor available for students in the financial accounting field and that these universities and colleges can go ahead and help the tutor market his or her services. Another way I would suggest is for the tutor to advertise on craigslist in the lessons and tutorials section of craigslist to advertise his or her services of being a financial accounting tutor. The other area o marketing expertise could be for the tutor to publicize on his or her own private website which would help that student market his or her own services to the community. So these are ways on first of all becoming a financial accounting tutor and then of course not to mention being able to advertise and market his or her services of being a financial accounting tutor in his or her community.


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