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To start your own tutoring business, first get the appropriate credentials for a particular tutoring level, decide on the age group to tutor, and advertise your services to gain exposure. Start a new tutoring business with information from a high school and elementary school tutor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Samir Malik, and I'm a private tutor for middle school and high school students here in the Austin area. Today, we're going to be discussing how to start your own tutoring business. Now, there's several steps involved in starting your own tutoring business, but first and foremost, the tutor needs to be qualified to be able to tutor students, whether it's on an elementary level, middle school level, high school level, or college level. Once the tutor has the appropriate credentials to be able to tutor these students, then the tutor should decide which age group the tutor is comfortable working with. For example, the tutor may only want to work with elementary students, or the tutor may only want to work with college students, or the tutor may only want to work with high school students. So it all varies, but over all, the tutor should first figure out which market the tutor wants to work with. Once the tutor has decided the market he or she wants to work with, then the tutor can focus on advertising his or her services to the community. Advertising and marketing services is a key factor and a key role in helping the tutor achieve a successful tutoring business. There are many ways and many factors in which a tutor can advertise his or her services. One is speaking to schools at which the students are of the tutor's academic standing, or the academic market in which the tutor's trying to market to, and speaking to the counselors and administrative officers of those schools, and letting those schools know about the services that the tutor's providing. Another way for the tutor to market his or her services is to advertise on Craigslist. Another way for the tutor to advertise his or her services is to create and online website and be able to market his or her services on that independent website of the tutor. Once the tutor has generated students through these marketing agents, then the tutor can begin to develop a tutoring program. And the tutoring program will allow the tutor and the student to be able to come together and understand where the student needs help in, understand where the student is doing well in, understanding the student's academic portfolio, and being able to decide how the tutor wants to help his or her student succeed and achieve his or her academic goals. These are some ways on how to become a tutor.


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