Developing Family Tutoring Programs

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Developing family tutoring programs requires the parents, the teachers and the student to meet together regularly to discuss a schedule and academic development. Develop a family tutoring program to keep a student on track, no matter their age, with information from a high school and elementary school tutor in this free video on education.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Samir Malik, and I'm a private tutor for students here in the Austin area. I work with both middle school and high school students. Today we're going to be discussing how to develop a family tutorial program. Now, developing a family tutoring program is crucial for the student's academic success. Whether the student is an elementary school student, middle school student, or high school student it is crucial to help that student achieve his or her academic goals. Now, what are the keys in developing a family tutoring program? First and foremost, it is crucial for the parents, the teachers, and the student to all meet together. Once they have all met then they can decide on how to go about creating an academic plan which works best for the student. In addition to that, the teachers can inform the parents of that student on how the student is performing on an academic level in each one of his or her classes. This will give the parents an overview of where the student stands in his or her respective classes. In addition to that, the parents can provide information as far as homework assignments which are given to students, the frequency of homework assignments which are given to students, as well as what they expect from that particular student. All teachers will have different levels of expectations, and different expectations from their students, and this is why it's crucial for the parents to set up that initial meeting to meet with the students along, with his or her student, along with the student's teachers in that particular setting. Now, the student is attending the classes, is collecting assignments from the teachers, is participating in class discussions, and then comes home and gets additional coaching from the parents which is crucial towards that student's academic success, because now the monitoring is not only done by the teachers of the student, but it's also done by the parents of that student. If there's a tutor involved with the whole process of the child's education then it would be extremely helpful if the tutor also participates in these meetings with the teachers, along with the parents and the student, of course, towards helping that student achieve his or her academic goals. So basically, developing a family tutorial program requires the initiative and participation of the parents, the teachers, and of course, the student, and not to mention that if there is a tutor involved having that tutor participate and meet regularly with the teachers, and the student, of course, and the parents is a key element as well. This will help everyone stay on the same page, and help everyone understand what's going on, and also help everyone work towards helping that student achieve his or her goals. This is how to work towards creating a family tutoring program.


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