Where Is Wind Energy Currently Used?

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Wind energy is currently used in the United States, China, India, Germany, Denmark and several other European countries. Find out how countries with large coastlines can benefit greatly from wind energy with information from a math and science teacher in this free video alternative energy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Steve Jones and I'm going to tell you where wind energy is used. Well, first of all, there's two ways of looking at it and if you're American, and if you're in America watching this, you'll find that you're only second and this is because this is the amount of energy actually produced in the country. But the top energy user in terms of percentage of the energy produced all together is actually Denmark. And Europe is actually on the very high on the proportion of wind energy used. The biggest users, some of the biggest users, here we've got the United States second, fourth, India, and China fifth. Actually the biggest producer of wind energy is Germany, but because the country is big, it's only a small proportion, so overall you can see that wind energy depends obviously on the geography of a country. If you think of a country like Denmark, which is basically low, it doesn't have a lot of hills and mountains. It's got a long coastline and around that coastline, you get a lot of wind. So wind energy is very effective in Denmark. Also, there's not large distances to take the energy from the coast. So that's a great advantage. Spain and Portugal, at nine percent, again, large countries, and large areas where there is emptiness and emptiness which is quite windy, therefore it's an efficient way to generate energy rather than transport fossil fuels. Germany, also a large country, very varied, the proportion is not so big because of course it has other resources. It's got rivers. It's got a huge amount of resources like coal. And therefore it still has only six percent. The Republic of Ireland is an interesting one. Ireland is developing all the time and obviously the idea of developing renewable energy in Ireland is a very good one. It has a good coastline. It is a windy place, a wet place, but it's a beautiful country. Okay so basically that describes roughly where wind energy is used geographically and in what proportion.


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