Upgrading a Laptop Processor

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When upgrading a laptop processor, remove the keyboard first to gain access to it, unscrew the heat sink that is located on top of the processor, and add some thermal grease on top of the processor. Upgrade a laptop processor with information from an experienced software developer in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to talk to you about upgrading a laptop processor. Now when you're upgrading a laptop processor, the very first thing you have to do is make sure that the one you purchase to replace your existing one is actually compatible with the laptop that you have. A lot of times even the same manufacturer will change the type of processor they're using as they upgrade their models and new ones come out, etc. So call your manufacturer, go to your manufacturer's website and first find out and buy a processor that you know is compatible with your exact model. Now once you have that processor in, it's usually a few simple steps to replace the processor. The very first step on most PCs is to remove the keyboard from your laptop. Now why do you do this, because everything is under the keyboard. There's usually a little bevel at the very top of your keyboard that you can insert a small flathead into and then pull up and that's going to lift that bevel from the top of the PC. Do it very gently, you don't want to destroy anything underneath. Now once that bevel is removed, you'll see that you have just your screen and then a blank area and your keyboard can be pulled out using the same flathead, there's some ridges that you can get under to pull the keyboard out. Just remove your keyboard very carefully from the top of the laptop computer. Now once the keyboard is removed, your processor will more than likely have a heat sink over the top of it. The heat sink is a device that basically forces air over the processor that keeps it cool. It's usually, in enclosure like this, that has a fan on the top of it, you can just unscrew that and then pull it off the top of your processor. There's the processor underneath the heat sink. Now this is what your processor will look like. You want to put the pins down and if you notice there's also a clef right here in the pins and that tells you where the top of the processor is and you land those pins up correctly. Place your processor into the area that it needs to go and also be sure to put some thermal grease on top of the processor because that will allow the heat to pull out of the processor into the heat sink correctly. Once you're done, replace the heat sink on the top of the processor, put your keyboard back into place and replace the top of the bevel that you removed. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just told you how to upgrade a laptop processor.


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