Registering a Car to a Business

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Registering a car to a business requires getting the title and tax information on the car, filling out a business use application with the DMV and registering the car to the business. Get insurance registered to a business for a business use car with advice from a small business owner in this free video on running a business.

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Hi, my name's Justyn, with Justyn Paul Management, and I'm going to be discussing registering a car to a business. This is important, especially for small businesses, if you have a vehicle whose soul use is with the business. It's a great way to save a good deal, amount of money on taxes, that you won't have to pay personally, that you're company can pay, and therefore you don't have to pay income taxes on it. So, but registering a vehicle to a business, is not that difficult actually. First thing you need to do is get your title, and tax information together. And usually, you can go the department of motor vehicle of that state, and get that information. They will have an application you can fill out, so that everything is sent to your address if you need it. Next thing you do, is go to the, again to the department of motor vehicles, DMV, and they have a form for registering. Usually there is a for business use section of that registration that you can go to, and look that over, and fill it out the way it needs to be for your business. Next thing you'll want to do is, of course file that information, send it in. Takes anywhere from seven to ten business days to get that back, usually to get it approved. Immediately, you need to make sure, and even prior to driving the vehicle at all, is go get insurance for it. And that insurance would again, be registered with the business. That way, the business is paying for that, saving you those taxes as well. And that's about it. It's as simple as that. Again, quick recap, get your tax and title information together. Go to the DMV. Fill out their forms. Submit the paper work, and make sure you have insurance.


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