How to Accept Credit Card for a Home Business

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To accept credit cards for a home business, sign up for a account that can accept credit card information, or visit a major bank to inquire about merchant services. Be aware of service charges for accepting credit cards through bank merchant services with information from a small business owner in this free video on running a business.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Justyn with Justyn-Paul Management. And I'm going to talk with you today about how to accept credit cards for a home business. This is a question I get asked very frequently because as everybody knows in business you're going to increase the potential for a sale tremendously if you can accept credit cards. Your only other alternative, really, are checks or money orders. And frankly people are much more likely to pull out the credit card to make a purchase. Especially with credit cards now a days backing have fraud protection already built in. So what you probably are trying to figure out is what's the best way to get where you can accept credit cards. By and far what I have to recommend because it is and has been the easiest and ultimately least expensive process for me to use is to go through They have a number of small business services that are built right into the tool where I can invoice people. They can pay from an e-mail. There is an actually a terminal screen that they have, a system, it's easy to find right on Paypal. Where you can pull it up, enter the customers credit card information manually if they send it in an e-mail, which hopefully they're not doing that. If you take that credit card over the phone you can enter it directly into this terminal. Even if you have a home business and people are coming by your house and they hand you a credit card you can turn around on your computer right there, enter their credit card information and hand it back with a receipt. So hands down that has been the easiest way for me to make and help my clients get where they can accept credit cards. Another option you may want to consider is to go down to your local bank where you have your checking account with your business and talk to them about merchant services. Many larger banks especially already have credit card accepting policies and equipment that they can connect you with very quickly and in many cases free. And another tool that I have seen used, especially if you are traveling a lot and you aren't around a computer, or do not have reliable Internet connection, go ahead and get one of those old, I say old because it's something that I've seen a long time ago, but where they actually have the swiper and you put the credit card onto the card and piece of paper and you swipe the card and that is a great way if you're traveling and you don't have access to any kind of phone system or Internet connection especially and you can't use other terminal services. So those are some ideas to get you going on the credit card for small business or home business especially. And Paypal by far is my best choice, after that go to your merchant with your bank and see if they can help you get the right equipment and connect you. But always make sure to compare their prices and their service charges especially that you may not be, they may not tell you right up front that they're going to charge you a monthly fee. So look for that as well.


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