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Video conferencing is a great way to save money on travel by using Web cams, built-in microphones and special software to communicate with people in different locations. Learn about Web sites that offer video conferencing software with information from a small business owner in this free video on video conferencing.

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This is Justyn with the Justyn Paul Management. And I'm going to be talking with you about video conferencing. Video conferencing is a great way to save your company a tons of money in travel. Especially as you, I'm sure you've been in those cases where you just have a very short meeting. Where you need to just get a couple of pieces of information nailed down. Or you have a sales presentation. It's only going to take a couple of minutes. There is just no sense in having to fly somewhere. Or travel, you know, drive several hours. When you can have a video conference. Now there are a couple of things, you have to keep in mind for video conferencing. First of all, is the environment. You have to understand the hardware aspects of it. And the software side of things. The environment's important because if you you're going to be in a large room. With a number of participants. And you are going to need different kinds of hardware. If you're just in your office. And it's just you then you can probably get away with a decent Web Cam with a built in microphone. So understand the environment that you're going to be in. And where your customer or client may be, as well. Because if they're in a large conference room. And you're on a little Web Cam only sending them a small video feed. They may have a difficult time seeing what it is that you're saying or trying to present to them. The next step is the hardware side of things. If you're going to be in a large room. You're going to want multiple microphones. You may need even multiple camera angles. If you're in a small room again, a Web Cam with a built in microphone is probably all that you need. And those can range anywhere from twenty dollars to several hundred. The next step is the software side of things. First of all, there are some wonderful software tools out there. One of the ones that I use the most commonly is Webx.com. That's W, E, B, X, .Com. Whatever equipment you have, you can basically interface it with a website. Other people can join the meeting. It's very quick and easy. Another one is GoToMeeting.com. It's very popular. That I've used before. And it's been very useful. And again, those things can save you a ton of money. By working with one of those, on-line sites verses setting up your own software. And trying to have a client download software, as well. Can be very complicated. I recommend just going to just one of those websites. And having a client log in to a meeting room with you will. And you can simply send them an Email with a place to log into. So those are the steps to get you through video conferencing. Kind of give you an overview of it. Why you'd want to do it. Again, it can save you a ton of money. Don't be scared. It could be a little bit complicated and intimidating. But the benefits can be far worth, the cost savings. As well as the time savings.


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