Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Hairstyles for long hair can be embellished with flowers, feathers, headbands or hair clips to keep even a simple ponytail interesting. Experiment with various ponytails, updos and textures with advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about some hairstyles for long hair. The one thing with long hair is it ends up two ways, down and straight or up in a ponytail. And basically to keep yourself from being bored so you don't cut it off, you really want to get away from that. So I'm a big believer in using accessories or working with some, just some quick updos and I find that one of the easiest updos to do is depending upon how long your hair is, this mannequin's hair is really only medium length. So one ponytail works for her, but we'll pretend like she's got really long hair. So one of my favorites is just a quick updo with two ponytails. You just put your hair up in ponytails and you don't have to pull the hair tight, you can kind of tease it a little bit to give a little bit of volume, make it a little bit more spunky. So you're just going to put that hair into ponytails and from there you can go anywhere. You can curl it, you can pin it, you can tie it in a knot, get creative, play, because that's what hair is for, it's an accessory. So once you get the hair into the ponytails, if it's really long, you can tie it in a knot and then braid the rest, you can use braids, you can just pin it up, you can leave the two ponytails but use accessories, go get yourself some headbands, some clips, some feathers, some flowers, you just want to bring attention to your hair, make it more exciting for yourself and have fun with it more than anything because like I said, hair is an accessory, it needs to be an extension of who you are, not who you are. So have fun with it, try some different updos so that way you don't want to cut it all off.


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