Do Hair Vitamins Work?

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Hair vitamins are a great way to restore the health of the hair follicles, as the hair is one of the first areas of the body to shut down due to nutritional deficiency or stress. Find out which vitamins to take for hair health with advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Hi. I'm Amelia, and I'm here to answer the question, do hair vitamins work. In a word, yes. They do. Just like with anything else, if you're deficient, your body is going to definitely let you know. Stress, anything like that, one of the first things that your body shuts down is your hair. So, you'll notice that you'll start loosing hair, you'll start loosing it in patches. Stress, like I said previously, gastric bypass, if you've had a gastric bypass, that's definitely, you're definitely getting, being deficient in certain vitamins. So just make sure that you take vitamins. Now, there's hair, skin and nails vitamins, which work perfectly. There's also Nioxin makes a vitamin, it's a recharging complex. It has everything you need for it. So, the advantage of these types of vitamins, is that they are specifically designed for your hair. Where as, just a B-Complex, not so much. It's basically going to, you know, just be a B-Complex. But, everything in the B-Complex is needed for your hair. And when you're under a lot of stress, B vitamins, you need more of them. And it's not something that your body manufactures. It's something that you have to get from outside of your body. They're also water soluble, so you can't really OD on them. So just make sure that, if you're really having some deficiencies in some things, and you're noticing that your hair is falling out, that you're under a lot of stress, go get a hair, skin and nails vitamin. It really can't hurt.


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