How to Tame Frizzy Hair

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To tame frizzy hair, either use a fly-away stick or find a silicone-based product that seals the hair follicle and prevents moisture from causing the hair to swell. Create smooth, shiny hair using a few specialty products with advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm here to talk to you about how to tame frizzy hair. Depending upon how frizzy your hair is, a lot of times, you know if you're frizzy like this, then you're going to want to bring out your flat iron, or something to help smooth that out. But, if you're done styling, and you just have a light amount of frizz like this, that's when you can use products like this fly away stick. You would just use a little bit in your hands, like that, warm it up. This would be great for finer hair, because a lot of the silicone based products are a little bit heavy for fine hair. So something like this would be nice, because you can just kind of warm it up in your hands, and then run it through. Basically what you're looking for, to tame frizzy hair is something to coat that hair shaft. So that the moisture from the atmosphere, can't get into the hair. Because, what causes frizz, is the moisture gets into the gaps, in between, the cuticle layer, and causes it to swell. This is a silicone based product. You see how it adds shine. That, you would just kind of work through, and that's going to help, really get rid of frizz. Now, your silicone based products, that you can use on either wet, or dry hair, and that's really what you're going to notice, giving you the most advantage away from the frizzy hair. There is a new product out, but it has not been proven yet. So stick with the silicone products, until we hear more about this new product, that's going to be hitting the market soon. I think it's called Frizz Be Gone. Or No Frizz, or something like that. But, your silicone based products, those are the ones that are easiest to find, and those are the ones that work the best.


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