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Video camera zoom adjustments are found near the shutter button, and they can be either constant control, zooming in and out at the same speed all the time, or a variable control, which zooms at the speed the button is pressed. Use zoom control on a video camera with information from a professional videographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi my names is James Flint. I'm a videographer and I'm here to talk to you today about video camera zoom adjustments. All consumer cameras have zoom lens built in to them and thus they have a zoom control. Generally the zoom control is going to be found somewhere your right hand, your pointer, or your middle finger and generally they are marked with a T and a W. You go to the right and your T and you are going to zoom in closer to objects. You go to the left and the W and you're going to pull out for a wider shot. Zoom control, there are two different types. There is the constant a variable zoom and in most cameras this can be adjusted in your settings feature. A constant zoom will make it so that no matter how hard you push the zoom control to the right or to the left it is going to zoom in or out at a constant speed. This can really be helpful. It just makes for some nice smooth takes. Whereas if you use a variable control you need to pay a lot more attention to how much pressure you are putting on the zoom control because the more pressure you put the faster it is going to zoom in and out. This is good for someone that really knows what they are after with their zoom. It helps you get right to the point but if you are just kind of randomly zooming in and out you're going to get some real choppy and quick pools back and zooms in and that's not always going to be the best look for you. Again all manufacturer cameras or all consumer cameras are manufactured to have the zoom lens built into them and they make the controls pretty easy to zoom in and out and it can add a lot to your shot to zoom in and out and get some tight close ups, show a little more detail and emotion with the shot so that's pretty much all about the zoom controls on video cameras.


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