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Internet and television advertising are both huge formats for companies to market their business to a wide audience, but both cost and frequency of the ad must be considered when deciding on a medium. Advertise a product on TV and online with help from a management teacher in this free video on advertising.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Mark and I'm going to talk a little bit about television versus Internet advertising. As I'm sure you're aware, if you watch television, the reason we can watch television, is largely down to the fact that it's supported financially by advertising. Advertising is up to now at least a huge business. Obviously there is an issue now and that is the newly, the new introduction of the Internet. But we have to consider basic issues. How many people are actually watching television or watching a specific program? Which channel are we watching? How many people are watching it? What type of program is it? What's the viewership? What's the impact to an advertiser broadcasting on a chat show for example with a famous host. Many many issues to consider. For an advertiser it's about lots of money so they have to think about the costs and the creation of the ad. If they're employing an advertising agency what's the payout there. Do they pay a fee... are they paying a fee? Are they paying on results? What is it? And how can you actually calculate the costs of this. How can you justify this kind of amounts of money? And of course, what are you getting back? Where's the measurement? This is a big issue. A lot of issues to be thought of versus the new medium... Internet. What is different about it? Well, it's nearly worldwide first of all, so if you're broadcasting something in America, you can actually be reaching Russia, Japan and various other countries too. The only big issue you have to think about there is language possibly. But, you think about the possibility of computer generated images now, you can create almost a nonverbal very effective advert that can go online and reach ten times the amount of people if you want more, than if it was actually created and produced for television. Many things to think about here. But mostly the big issue is cost and frequency. And what does that mean? How can it be measured? Okay, so these are issues you need to consider when thinking about advertising on television versus the Internet.


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