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Start a Web-zine by registering a domain name, designing the Web site, creating an e-mail to connect to the Web site and developing original content for the online magazine. Consider hiring independent contractors to write content for a Web-zine with advice from a public relations and marketing professor in this free video on online magazines.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark, and we're going to look at how to start a webzine or an online magazine. An online magazine creates many things and gives you many, many opportunities to create your own environment online. If you've always wanted to be a journalist or run your own magazine, nowadays with the aid of the Internet, it's only a few clicks away. It's an opportunity to indulge in your interest, to be creative, to write, and to participate in something that you're passionate about online, which, of course, leads to potentially millions of readers or subscribers. Okay. So here are some of the steps you need to take and consider before you create your webzine. First of all, you have to register a domain name, and you should select a name that is obviously relevant to the name of the interest you have. So if your interest is painting, then think of a name that reflects painting, okay? And obviously, you need to check what domain names are available, and you have to go to a domain name listing site online to find what is available...still available within your particular category. The second step is, obviously, to design the website. Again, there are numbers of packages available online to take you through these steps, but you can always work with a professional or somebody who's very, very knowledgeable about this and they will take you through the steps involved in creating the look and feel, if you'd like, or online feel of your magazine. You then need to think about how you're going to interact -- the two-way interaction between the potential reader of your magazine -- your webzine -- and you. So you need to create an automatic email connection with anybody that's considering writing to you, subscribing to your magazine. Then, of course, there's the material itself. should think about where you're going to gather this original material because, of course, it's not like writing an exam or an essay. You have to actually think about your own material. It's got to be unique. And obviously, you can get contributing journalists or freelancers that can write for your magazine. Is it going to be free? Do you have to pay...will you have to pay for them? You have to consider all of these issues. So when you're considering putting a webzine together, you might like to look at some of the existing webzines online, your area. Give you an idea of what the format is, how it looks. And of course, there are actually software and website developers online that will take you through the steps from A to Z. So all you have to do is follow, you know, four or five steps in order to create your own webzine. And the beautiful thing about that is once you understand the basics of it, then you can obviously develop it and make it more and more rich and rewarding. One of the organizations you might want to check out is Homestead -- -- and they're a website developer and builder. They can take you through the steps. So just check out that site. And it will explain to you what is involved, and that will give you a much clearer indication of what's required. Good luck with your...with your webzine.


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