How to Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

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Measure body fat percentage by visiting a fitness trainer who can use skin calipers to measure body fat or by stepping on a bio-electrical impedance analysis machine. Find out how body fat percentage can also be measured through water displacement tests with information from a registered dietitian in this free video on body fat.

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Hi, I'm Rachael Richardson with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip, we're talking about how to measure your body fat percentage. Now, you may need a little help of someone else or some extra equipment. Both would be helpful. And one thing that you can do if you have a gym membership or a personal trainer is most trainers have skin calipers, which are, you know, kind of this little metal device that they actually extract your skin and they pinch it on different areas of your body and they're able to measure your body fat percentage based on that. It does take a little bit of training so you want somebody skilled doing it so that they're getting an accurate reading. There's other methods, too. One method that I use in practice is using a bioelectrical impedance analysis -- a BIA machine. So this involves standing on a scale and this sends, actually, electrical impulses throughout the body, which it will then able to measure how much fat based on how the current moves, how much muscle, how much bone density, and how much water is actually in your system. So here we are, and I'm just waiting for my results here. Oh, I heard a little beep. It looks like I have -- uh, oh -- 23 percent body fat. Time for me to work on my body fat percentage here. So these are some of the methods. The one other method that you can use that's almost never used, but it's the most accurate method that we, at least, learn about theoretically is underwater measuring. So actually submerging an entire body and then measuring the displacement of the water versus the weight, they're able to determine how much body fat percentage you have. This has been Rachael with Nutrolution talking about body fat percentage.


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