How Do You Blow Into a Trumpet?

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Blow into a trumpet by taking a deep breath, using diaphragm muscles to push air out and keeping the center of the lips tightened to cause vibration against the trumpet mouthpiece. Use lip vibration and air pressure to create sounds with any brass instrument using instructions from a trumpet player in this free video on playing trumpet.

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Video Transcript

How to blow into a trumpet. Well, initially, blowing into a trumpet seems a little more complicated than most people realize. Oftentimes, if you have no experience with a brass instrument, you pick up a trumpet and you blow into it and get no sound at all. This is usually because, you know, people tend to put their lips around the mouthpiece and blow in and, of course, nothing is produced because there's no vibration. Vibration is how a sound is produced and with brass instruments like a trumpet, that vibration is caused by the lips. So, blowing into a trumpet consists of lip vibration and air pressure. The lip vibration is caused by the center of the lips vibrating inside the mouthpiece and air pressure is caused by the air inside the lungs being pushed out by the diaphragm. When you're blowing into the trumpet, you have to take in a deep, full breath and use the muscles of the diaphragm to push the air out. Pushing the air out through the tightened center lips and the vibration that's caused by this air coming across these lips and in no time you have a sound.


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