Cleaning Plastic From the Oven

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An oven can get burnt plastic inside, and it can be helpful to use a windshield scraper or knife to get the bulk of the plastic off. Use dish-washing detergent and a sponge to clean plastic from an oven with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on plastic cleaning tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you something about cleaning burnt plastic from the oven. It happens to all of us, and if it's a colder time of year, you really don't want to run your oven cleaner, because it gets that really bad smell that you want to be able to open the windows. So, anyway, if you get some burnt plastic in your oven from a T.V. dinner or something like that, maybe it wasn't on a cookie sheet, there are a couple things you can do. If you have a big glob of plastic, I would let it dry, and then try to scrape it off with one of those windshield scrapers, or maybe a knife. And then you may be left with some little traces of the plastic. And in that case, you want to use some dish washing detergent, and a sponge, with a little bit of water in it. Squeeze it and get some bubbles going. And then scrub. This will remove a lot of the burnt plastic, and you will be left still with some areas that didn't come up. The main ingredient in this recipe is elbow grease, so, it's going to take some time. After you've tried the dish soap and water, and gotten as much off as you can with that, go grab your Magic Eraser. And if you don't have one, get some the next time you're at the grocery. Because they are so great for so many things in the house. This is even an off brand, it was probably half the price of the actual Mr. Clean brand, and it comes with a scrubby side and the white side. They're awesome. This is what's going to get all the burnt plastic off. Oh. You want to wet it first. This ones already been wet, but, we'll do it again for demonstration. And you just want to rub it. You may have to do one side, and then the other side. But just keep working at it, and that will remove your burnt plastic. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you remove burnt plastic from the oven.


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