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Grapefruit contains many health benefits, such as being rich in vitamin C, rich in fiber, being antimicrobial and containing an array of other helpful vitamins and minerals. Eat grapefruit once a week to take advantage of its health benefits with advice from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on diets.

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Hi, my name is Rachael Richardson, and I'm with Nutrolution, in Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip, we're talking about the health benefits of a grapefruit. So this beautiful fruit right here, this one's a nice one actually, grapefruits are wonderful for lots of different things. First of all, I think that they're delicious, but as far as the health benefits themselves, they're very, very rich in vitamin C. Which you probably knew, because you can taste how sour they are. That's usually a good indicator that they're rich in vitamin C. They've got also an array of other minerals, and vitamins, contained in a grapefruit. So basically, any fruit or vegetable that grows in the ground, as long as the soil was rich in minerals, which is questionable at times, so choosing organic can help, but as long as it was rich in minerals, then you're going to get all those different minerals, and vitamins into your body when you eat that fruit. As well, grapefruits are rich in fiber, all that roughage outside of it, is rich in fiber, and that helps your digestive system. And, it's also an anti microbial food, so it helps to keep down levels of yeast and bacteria in your system. So definitely eat your grapefruit, at least once a week I would say, would be a great addition to your diet. This has been Rachael with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida.


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