How to Make a Video Using Pictures & Music

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Pictures and music that are incorporated into editing software can be used to make memorial videos, graduation videos and wedding reception videos. Discover how to add motion to individual pictures in a video with help from a TV producer in this free video on editing videos.

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Video Transcript

To make videos using pictures and sound, you'll need some editing software. What types of videos could you make that include pictures and sound. Well, we make lots of 'em. You have wedding videos. You have reception videos. Most popular are memorial videos, graduation videos. These are types of videos in which you can take pictures, import them into your editing system, and take each picture and cut it down to about eight seconds or so on your timeline for your editing system. And then overlap each picture by about two seconds. Put your music underneath your video and you'll have a nice cinematic video that will show your pictures as the music goes along. So depending on what type of video you're producing. If it's a wedding video, you use wedding footage, or love type, romantic type of music. If you're editing a memorial video of course it may be some deep saddening or uplifting perhaps even, memorial type music. Graduation would be happy or celebrating type of music. The same with the birthday. So remember make your pictures eight to maybe even ten seconds long and at a two second transition in between and lay your music down at the bottom. A lot of the popular ones, what they'll do is they'll take it a step further and they'll actually add motion to each individual picture creating that Ken Burns effect where you have motion as the pictures move along, along with your music, creating a nice cinematic type of effect. So give that a try.


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