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Qualifications for being a tattoo artist vary from state to state, but often include needing a business license and meeting health department requirements. Find out how there are very few qualifications from the states for quality in tattoo shops with information from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on tattoo artistry.

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Hi, I'm Lenny Welch. I'm with Addicted 2 Tattoos, in Tampa, Florida, and I'm going to talk to you about qualifications of a tattoo artist. In Florida, there are no real qualifications required. It's very weird that a state as progressive as Florida, doesn't require licensing of a tattoo artist, but that's the nature of the business here, in this state. In other states in the country, there are qualifications. You may be required to have a CPR certificate, you may also be required to have Red Cross training. In Florida though, to be a tattoo artist,and to do it legally, you basically need a business license, for the city that you work in. You need also a business license for the county that you work in, and you'll need to file taxes with the state. In Florida also, there are Health Department requirements. They mostly will look at though, in a tattoo parlor, what is happening with the piercing end of the business. They're very interested in how clean the piercing is, how safe it is, and if you're doing the right things to keep a sterile field, during that process. Unfortunately, those qualifications don't carry over to tattooing, unless perhaps, you come to a shop like mine, where we tend to follow the same guidelines in tattooing, as we do in piercing. We feel that whatever is good for piercing, is also good for tattooing, so we follow those guidelines, as far as cleanliness, as far as transporting items from one place to another, with gloves on or not. We also look at the qualifications, as far as how good the work is. If the work is good, chances are you'll be happy with the tattoo. If the place is clean, chances are you'll be safe getting that tattoo, so the qualifications for a tattoo artist, vary greatly from state to state, from county to county, and even from city to city. I'm Lenny, with Addicted 2 Tattoos. Thank you.


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