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To draw tattoos, create an outline to use for the stencil, and then copy and color the picture to show to the tattoo client. Gather the supplies used to draw tattoos, including erasers, pencils, pens, markers and colored pencils, with advice from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on tattoo drawings.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lenny Welch from Addicted 2 Tattoos in Tampa, Florida. I'm going to talk to you today about how to draw tattoo art. When you're in the business, it's very common that people will come to you and ask you to draw things for them. In this business, a lot of times shops have professional flash, like this sheet here. These are normally eleven by fourteen or eleven by seventeen, and they're produced by artists and then sold to companies who distribute them. We also, though, do a lot of our own drawing in this business. So when we're drawing tattoo flash artwork, we are working with images that inspire us. Any type of image can inspire you. These are religious images that are often used as a basis for drawing tattoo flash. What I have here is another design. This is a gentleman who has this original centerpiece, and wants to add more around it. What we've done with this is we've taken his original tattoo, which is the center, and we've created the extra elements around this. We do this in an outline form, because this is what we're going to make our stencil from, but for the client to see this and understand this, we generally have to color these all the way out, because they don't have the imagination like we do to understand what they'll look like as a finished piece. So when you're drawing tattoo flash, it's very important that you create the outline and leave that for the stencil, then make a copy of it and color that in then for the artist to see, and for the costumer to understand. In this business, when you're drawing tattoo flash artwork, you're going to use a lot of tools. You can see here I have a lot of different types of drawing instruments, erasers, pencils, pens, markers, you're also going to need high quality colored pencils. We tend to prefer the, the brand Aprsima Color, because the leads in these are a bit softer, and they put the pigment down very nicely, and they give you a nice dense coating, and they blend well. In this you'll also use a lot of markers for creating the black areas, you'll use several types of different pencils for creating the shaded areas, and you can buy pencils like these in various hardnesses and softnesses, they will give you soft, bold lines, or hard, crisp lines. When you're done with the piece, then you have a finished piece of flash that's ready to be sold as a piece of tattoo artwork. This artwork is very popular, and people are drawing this a lot for themselves, or for their friends, and they're bringing it in to tattoo shops, and then using this as a guideline for a tattoo. I'm Lenny Welch, Addicted 2 Tattoos in Tampa, Florida. Thank you.


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