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An example of an aerobic exercise is something that has a longer duration, such as jogging, swimming or riding a bike. Learn about circuit-style strength training at the gym to promote aerobic movements with help from a strength and conditioning specialist in this free video on exercise and fitness tips.

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Hi, I'm Ashleigh Gass, strength and conditioning specialist with brilliantathlete.com. So just what is an aerobic movement? Well, first, it's important to understand what does the word aerobic mean? Aerobic means in the presence of oxygen. An example of an aerobic exercise is something that is of longer duration, as opposed to a sprint, which is usually short and quick. Aerobic is usually longer, so an example is just going out for a walk. Whether your walk was five minutes, 10 minutes, or an hour, that's an aerobic movement. Other examples include jogging, swimming, getting out on your bike, or anything that takes you longer than about 10 or 15 minutes to do at a consistent pace. Another example of aerobic training for people that like going to the gym is to do circuit style strength training. And what circuit style means is that you would go from one exercise to the next to the next to the next with very minimal rest in-between each exercise. That's called circuit style strength training, and is another way to get to sort of combine aerobic activity with strength training. So again, when you're looking at doing an aerobic movement, think of it as being longer duration and a little bit lower intensity than most of your sprint type training. For more information on this, you can contact me at brilliantathlete.com. I'm Ashleigh Gass, strength and conditioning specialist.


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