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Tongue piercing begins by clamping the tongue in the right location, driving a hollow needle through the muscle and dropping in jewelry of the same size as the needle. Learn about the tongue piercing process with information from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on body modification.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brandon Pearce, Foolish Pride Tattoo Company here in St Petersburg, Florida. Here to talk to you about tongue piercings and what they are. How they're done. Basically tongue piercing is exactly what it sounds like. Where it's going to be, is a needle straight to the tongue. We're going to put a piece of jewelry in there. And you're pretty much done. Next you'll start off with is a clamp. Basically we're going to clamp the tongue in a location, the piercing is going to go. Once that's done, the tongue will be out exposed from the mouth, obviously. Then we just take a sterilized hollow needle. We're going to run it through the actual entire muscle. Then it will go all the way through, after that a piece of jewelry will be dropped in. Which is the same size as the needle. After that it's pretty much all done. Now you're going to experience some swelling. Possibly a little bit of bleeding. That's normal, not a big deal. Once the swelling goes down, it'll take a couple days. Sucking on ice chips will usually take care of it. Tongue piercing is just popular because a lot of people out there the way the kids like to look these days. So if you're looking to get a tongue piercing. Go to a licensed professional. They can do it, so it's not going to hurt. And it'll be quick, easy and honestly clean. You'll avoid infection, you'll also avoid swelling and all negative aspects of it. Other than that, it's pretty easy, pretty straightforward. You're going to end up with a good looking piercing straight through your tongue. Again, my name is Brandon Pearce, Foolish Pride Tattoo company in St Petersburg, Florida. And that's how you do a tongue piercing.


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